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Planning for Print Jobs > Printing Business Cheques
Business cheques come in various sizes and styles; Continuous, Laser, and Manual are the three standard types of cheques and most can come custom printed with your company logo.

Continuous Cheques can be printed on your dot matrix printer. Laser Cheques can be printed on your laser or inkjet printer and are normally printed with your accounting or financial software like Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, Quicken, and Peachtree. Business cheques also come blank (single, double, or 3up on letter size format) so you can manually input your personal or company information. If you want to save your printing cost, try to order single color on standard pantograph (which is the security background pattern).

Business cheques can be order through Banks or Print Shops. Make sure to provide information including:
  • Company Information (Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Logo)
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Information (Name, Address)
  • The Number of Signature Needed
  • Starting Cheque Number
  • Canadian Fund, U.S. Fund, or others

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