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There are 10 Reasons to Buy from AllPrintings.com:
  • » Best Products
  • » Best Price
  • » Fast Turnaround
  • » Best People
  • » Best Customer Service
  • » Prompt Quotes & Estimates
  • » Advanced Equipments
  • » Convenient Location
  • » Flexible & Diversified
  • » Deliver Across Canada & U.S.
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**All Price Lists are only for quick reference of suggested market value !!
**Actual Prices are usually lower and we are offering:
  • » Discount for Volume Orders
  • » Discount for New Customers
  • » Discount for Selected Corporate Customers
  • » Discount for Selected Industries
  • » Discount for Trade
Planning for Print Jobs > Basic Planning
In order to control the costs, the quality, and the timing schedule, you need to answer the following questions:
  • What is the purpose for having the job printed?
  • Who will receive the your piece?
  • How will the receiver use your piece?
  • What method to deliver your piece to the receiver?
  • How will the deliverer handle you piece?
  • Can you use your piece or the content in anywhere else?
  • When do you need the job delivered?
  • What is the quantity?
  • What is the printing budget?
  • What services do you want from your printer (print shop)?
  • How will your piece look like?
  • Does the design work?
  • How will you send material to your printer?
  • What is your printer's suggestion?
  • Do you need delivery?

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Website and Price Lists Update 5/24/2018

All the information and price lists in this website are not up-to-date. For the most updated info., please visit: www.cetproductions.bc.ca

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