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Planning for Print Jobs > Mailing Envelopes in Canada
The following Postal Regulations, to which Automatic Sortation of mail will be geared, have been in effect since Aug 1995.

  • Minimum standard mailable size envelopes and cards 3-9/16" x 5-1/2" (90mm x 140mm)
  • Maximum standard mailable size envelopes only 5-7/8" x 9-5/8" (150mm x 245mm)
  • Maximum size cards 4-1/8" x 5-13/16" (105mm x 148mm)
  • Air Mail Envelopes - Paper weight not less than 32M basis (M = M Weight)
  • All other Envelopes - Paper weight not less than 40M basis
  • The address, including the Postal Code, shall appear on the front of the envelope in an area not less than 1-9/16" from the top edge; not less than " from the bottom edge and not less than 9/16" from the left and right hand edges.
  • The Postal Code must appear in an area located between " and 1-3/4" from the bottom edge of the envelope or card and must be in the last line of the address.
  • Windows - shall be parallel to the length of the envelope and located within the following boundaries on the front of the envelope:
    • not less than 1.575" (40mm) from top edge
    • not less than 0.748" (19mm) from bottom edge
    • not less than 0.59" (15mm) from the left and right edges
    • OUTLOOK windows will not be allowed
  • Staples, button and string or clasp will not be accepted for automatic sortation, but will be sorted manually.
Letters and circulars may be posted in "window" envelopes (i.e. envelopes having an opening in from with a transparent covering), provided:
  • the "window" or transparent panel through which the address is visible, is parallel with the length of the envelope and is as transparent as possible.
  • new postal regulation - the "window" is not within 40mm from the top nor within 15mm from sides and 19mm from bottom, outlook window will not be allowed.
  • there is no printing around the "window" nor on any part of the envelope where it will interfere with a distinct postmark, rating or other postal endorsements.
  • the name and address of the sender appears in the upper left hand corner of the address side of the envelope.
  • the enclosure on which the exposed address appears is white or if colored, of a very light tint or shade - dark colored enclosures are prohibited.
  • that nothing but the name and address of the addressee appears on that part of the enclosure visible through the "window" and that the enclosure is folded so that it will not slip out of position.
  • the address is written clearly and boldly preferably in typewriting with ink of a dense black or other strongly contrasting color.
"Window" envelopes not conforming to the foregoing are non-transmissible, and if mailed are to be returned to the senders.

The information above may not be totally current. The "Canada Postal Standards" booklet is available from the post office.

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