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Planning for Print Jobs > Minimizing Production Time
Avoid Alterations Make sure everything (including files and specifications) correct the first time.
Communication Use common precise terms and symbols.
Delivery Pick up the job today instead of waiting for delivering tomorrow; pay for shipment via fast carrier.
File Type Use Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
Layout Approval Reduce the number of people who review proofs.
Pay for Speed Pay rush charge and tell your printer that you have a very tight schedule and need rush service.
Printing Method Use digital printing for saving film and plate making time.
Reduce Buyouts Keep the job under one roof and in the workflow of one business.
Shop for Speed Find typesetters, designers, prepress services and printers who can accommodate your rush work.
Standardization Use standard paper sizes and common ink colors.

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Website and Price Lists Update 5/24/2018

All the information and price lists in this website are not up-to-date. For the most updated info., please visit: www.cetproductions.bc.ca

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