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Pros & Cons of On-Demand Printing

Date: Dec 5, 2002

Machines made for on-demand printing are designed for efficient production of short runs with quantity between 100 to 5000 copies.

Easy Adjustments

Machines respond quickly to computer commands to change positioning, color and density.

Easy Archiving

Print jobs can be stored as digital files.

Easy Imprinting

Many on-demand presses accept stock previously printed by another method.

Fast Turnaround

All-digital pathway from computer to press. Machines ready to print within minutes of receiving Ripped File. Sheets dry, ready for finishing when delivered from press.

Improve Cash Flow

Money not tied up in inventory and the cost of storage.

Low Make-ready

Press up to contract color in 10 or 15 sheets.

Lower Unit Costs

When Printing Short Run. Fast prepress and make-ready compared to other printing methods.

No Film or Plate

No disposable supplies cut production costs, reduce wastes and recycling cost.

Precise Quantities

Print only what you need. No more "plus or minus 5% with adequate billing".

Printing Update Info

Fast turnaround and eliminating inventory means products carry no obsolete information.

Uniform Quality

Fixed and variable data printed at the same time using the same technology.

Variable Data Printing

Printing controlled by database can change the image - personalized individual sheets.

Extensive Testing

Workflow management requires careful interfacing and constant preflighting.

Fixed Press Speeds

Operators cannot adjust machine speed for press checks and then change to high speeds for production runs.

Higher Unit Costs

For Long Runs. Processes require highly skilled operators and proprietary supplies. Certain level of fixed cost caused by minimum maintenance cost or click charge.

Less Accurate Color Match

Systems based on toners and proprietary inks yield colors that may not match colors developed for conventional printing inks.

Less Paper Choices

Machines have smaller maximum sheet size and limited to a handful of paper weights and surfaces.

Reduced Quality Options

Resolutions limit screen rulings.

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